Thank-you Newport

  • 31 Mar 2017
  • QLD

With the support of Stockland we completed a successful 10 weeks located at Stockland Living, Newport. The Good Foundation are pleased to report that during the location a total of 461 participants commenced the 5-week program, with some fabulous feedback and results.

The teachers from Mueller College loved coming along to their Jamie's Ministry of Food 5-week cooking course. They improved upon their own cooking skills, and learnt some Jamie tips and tricks along the way, totally re-inspiring them to cook! What a great team bonding exercise.

Elishama, Allie and Jessica (aged 13-15) signed up to Jamie's Ministry of Food, although not all the girls liked cooking to begin with, Jessica joked that in the past "[cooking] was always a disaster".
They all loved learning "lots of awesome tips" to make cooking a little bit easier.

"You gave me drive, passion, excitement and energy and a love back for cooking again. I had lost that love, until I met you... Thank-you so much, I haven't stopped cooking now" - Gemma

"Thank-you for a very easy, information cooking experience. I have learnt so many new things and love putting into practice what I have learnt, especially my knife skills - Nadina

"The opportunity to learn such excellent skills is greatly appreciated"- Tom

"Thank-you so much for the fantastic time, Renee, you have taught me so many new tricks and techniques! [The course] was my favourite part of the week" - Emma

"It was AMAZING! We learnt so much and I still cant believe the things you can do with an egg!! Please come back" - Cheyney and Chelsea

"We had the most amazing time at Jamie's Ministry of Food. We learnt chopping skills, making stock and yummy healthy food. We will definitely recommend to everyone. Great Value for money and Rhiannon was an awesome teacher. Thanks" - Jessica and Lucy

"Thanks for a great 5 weeks, I loved being able to start my 15 year old nephew, off on the right track"

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