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Jamie Oliver's Learn Your Fruit & Veg program is about making food fun, again. We're inspiring kids to get their hands messy, fingers sticky, mouths watering in the classroom, and learn about food. All about food. What it is, where it comes from, and how food and the body works.

Our program is designed to bring the beauty and fun of fresh, local, seasonal food to life, inspiring them in a hands-on way to make better choices, rather than just being told what to do. 

Our delicious and seasonal recipes that come with beautiful lessons can be made anywhere and don't require a kitchen which makes edible education accessible to all children. 

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Featured programs
Ministry of Food Ipswich Cooking Class
Jamie’s Ministry of Food Cooking Program
As the original Jamie’s Ministry of Food course, the program provides participants with the most comprehensive skill set in the kitchen to cook tasty, nutritious food.
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Corporate Classes
Does your team have what it takes to do Jamie's Ministry of Food Mystery Box Challenge? Here at Jamie's Ministry of Food, we're cooking up great culture in offices all around Australia!...
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Recipes & Tips
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How to: Make Basil Pesto
Learn how to make basil pesto from scratch!
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How to: Make 1-Cup Pancakes
Learn how to make Jamie's one cup pancakes! They're simple AND delicious.
Recipes & Tips
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39,000+ people have enrolled
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13.9M more cups of fruit and veg consumed per year as a result
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140,000+ have benefited from the ripple effect of participants passing skills on to their households

"Armed with a handful of tasty recipes and some basic cooking skills, we can inspire, educate and empower people to change the way they think about food"

Our locations
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Geelong Centre at GTEC
We have moved to a new location at The Gordon's East Geelong Campus. Students from the TAFE as well as participants from the community will also be able to learn delicious recipes, essential cooking skills and techniques and nutrition tips in 90-...
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Ipswich Centre
The Ipswich Centre, Queensland is a purpose built cooking facility designed to offer a comfortable, welcoming, and friendly environment. Open since April 2011, our Centre gives participants the cooking skills they need to make better food choices.
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Mobile Kitchen QLD
The Jamie's Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen is a purpose built, fully equipped mobile kitchen cooking classroom, designed to deliver practical cooking classes to communities in metropolitan, regional and remote areas across Queensland.
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After celebrating a successful three year partnership between Stockland Wetherill Park and Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia, our Wetherill Park Centre is now closed. Get in touch with us for potential outreach opportunities in NSW.
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Although our Mobile Kitchen is no longer in WA, Jamie's Ministry of Food has been proud to partner with Edith Cowan University to bring the Mobile Kitchen to Western Australia. The Jamie's Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen is a purpose built, fully...
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