Holyroyd School Gets Cooking At Wetherill Park

  • 27 Oct 2016
  • NSW
curry chicken and rice with spinach and lemon 32 ashley colin the support person

This gorgeous group of happy and positive students from Holroyd School loved Jamie's Ministry of Food Wetherill Park so much they are completing the 7 week course for the second time!

Holroyd School provides educational programs for students with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities. Many students have multiple disabilities. The school serves a diverse community providing a focal point for the provision of support services to students with disabilities, their parents and carers.

curry chicken and rice with spinach and lemon 23 layla 0

The lovely Layla with Jacqui helping her finish off her Pukka Yellow Curry Paste

scramble eggs omelette and smoothie 113 hussein n ash drinking smoothie

Hussein and Ashley drinking their healthy smoothies that they made from scratch. 

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