Finding something special in cooking

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  • 31 Aug 2016
  • WA
bunbury participant

Melissa Skews heard about Jamie's Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen coming to the Edith Cowan University Bunbury campus on Facebook and excitedly told her good friend Carrie Ogden and her 12 year old son Michael.

Melissa and Carrie were looking forward to learning lots of delicious Jamie Oliver recipes and Michael wanted to learn how to cook for his future.

The group of three had a great time learning and cooking together throughout the 7-week course. Michael learnt it was important to season with salt and pepper as you go and that a little goes a long way. Michaels mum Carrie found the knife skills were invaluable and has made such a difference to her cooking at home and all three had a resounding appreciation for making pizza dough.

Since completing the Jamie's Ministry of Food course, Michael is now going to use his skills to cook for his family, to help them live long, happy and healthy lives. Mum Carrie, is thrilled that Michael can now cook and is looking forward to handing the reins over to him one or two nights a week. 

Carrie really enjoyed taking the course with her friend Melissa and especially loved spending quality time with Michael, together they have found something special in cooking. The Jamie's Ministry of Food course has brought the group closer together and has created a special bond over cooking and enjoying healthy, nutritious and delicious food which will continue into the future. 

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