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Help us reach the communities affected by the bushfires

Like all Australians, we are heartbroken by the devastating fires and the effect it has had across Australia. With homes burned, people displaced and unfortunately some lives lost, The Good Foundation wants to help at this time of crisis, utilising what we do best.

That is why we wish to bring our mobile kitchen to the communities most affected by this disaster.

Jamie's Ministry of Food program is partnering with a local food bank and, for two weeks, our staff and volunteers will cook for the community for free with food either donated or sourced locally.

This is what we do best, bringing people together with food, creating a space where they can gather, share their stories and unwind if only for a moment.

We'll be raising money to cover the cost of transporting the cooking truck to an area affected by the bushfires.

Donate and sponsor the bushfire communities today!

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Diet-related disease is the leading cause of death in Australia and it affects those most vulnerable in our community, from single mothers and low-income families to regional communities, Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders, to people with disabilities. Your donation can save lives and reduce the burden of disease. 

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The issue

Diet-related diseases are responsible for more deaths in Australia than any other cause and they're entirely preventable. Cooking skills used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now most people lack even the most basic knowledge to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families, turning instead to energy-dense, nutrient-poor takeaway foods. This lack of knowledge about food, where it comes from, how it affects our bodies and how to cook it is costing lives.

Our response

Jamie's Ministry of Food is a practical cooking course that provides participants with the confidence, skills and knowledge to cook nutritious meals for themselves and their families. The Jamie's Ministry of Food Program has been independently evaluated by Deakin University of Melbourne and The University of Melbourne and concluded that the program not only increased participants cooking, confidence, knowledge, attitudes and beliefs towards cooking and healthy eating but shifted behaviour change towards healthier cooking and eating at home. For more information read the Queensland and Victorian independent evaluations.

Reaching the most vulnerable

We reach out to those most vulnerable of diet-related disease in Australia and provide them with the skills, nutrition and budgeting knowledge to cook delicious, healthy meals for themselves and their family. Budgeting, nutrition and reading food labels are key messages from the program, and are taught in a fun, all-inclusive way. Food is not just the focus in class, the social connectedness and confidence, which comes from joining a hands-on cooking class leads to a healthy, happy community.

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38,000+ people have enrolled
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140,000+ have benefited from the ripple effect of participants passing skills on to their households
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5,475,000 more serves of fruit and veg consumed per year as a result
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