Jamie Oliver's Lentil and Spinach Soup
This soup works really well if you make it with yellow split peas or dried green peas, as well as with greens like spinach, cabbage and Swiss chard.
thai green curry
Jamie Oliver's Thai Green Prawn Curry
"This green curry recipe is one of the best I've ever made. It's also good made with chicken instead of prawns - just swap in a skinless chicken breast (approximately 180g), slice into finger-sized...
Jamie Oliver's Vegetarian Chilli
This is a hearty, delicious alternative to traditional chilli con carne that can be tweaked depending on what you have. Use butternut squash or regular potatoes instead of sweet potatoes. No onions?...
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7 easy French cooking terms translated
We describe 7 easy French cooking terms for you below to impress your friends and family with!
chopping board
How to: Secure your Chopping Board
Let us show you how to easily secure your chopping board for safe cutting.
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How to: Make 1-Cup Pancakes
Learn how to make Jamie's one cup pancakes! They're simple AND delicious.
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How to: Make Basil Pesto
Learn how to make basil pesto from scratch!
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