A Weighty Problem

The growing list of health problems caused by poor diet and lack of food knowledge and skills affects all Australians. Obesity is now one of the nation's most significant health issues.

The Good Foundation was established in 2010 to focus on programs and projects that promote good health and nutrition, with the first priority program being Jamie's Ministry of Food.

Cooking is an important life skill which everyone should learn. With the right sort of information and teaching, anyone can learn to cook. Cooking empowers people to take control of their lives and health. 

Australia's Health Epidemic

Health experts warn Australia is one of the most obese countries in the world per capita. In 2014-15, 63.4% of Australian adults were overweight or obese (11.2 million people), an increase from 56.3% in 1995*. Australian children have been affected by this health epidemic too, with 1 in 4 children overweight or obese**. These figures are on the rise and we have to act now.

*2014-15 Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey

**2014-15 Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey

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Our Health Is Suffering

We're eating the wrong things and too much of them, so we're not getting a balanced diet. Relying on takeaways, snacks and readymade meals doesn't give you the right kind of nutrition for good health. We're also more likely to develop obesity-related illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This is the first generation in which children are predicted to die younger than their parents.

We're Forgetting How To Cook

Today, cooking skills are not being passed on like they used to. If we don't even know the basics about food and cooking, we're not likely to give it a try. Within a couple more generations we are at risk of completely losing our cooking skills.

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