Over 70% of our kids are not eating enough fruit and veg

Less that one third are eating veggies every day

On average kids eat 5 serves of veggies a week when they need 5 a day

1 in 4 of our kids are overweight or obese


It's time to give our kids something good to chew on in the classroom!

We believe every child should learn about healthy food at school so they understand what it is and what it can do for their bodies as they grow.

That's why we are plating up a low cost, hands-on, and super fun food education program, enabling early learning centres and primary schools to bring the fun and discovery of cooking fresh, seasonal produce to the classroom.

Through our 'pop up' kits and trained facilitators, we can transform any classroom into a real life cooking environment requiring nothing more than the desks and chairs for children to sit on. All ingredients, recipes and equipment are provided.

Jamie Oliver, "At its simplest the program teaches kids recipes that will help save their lives. It's really fun, it's dynamic, and it can be done with or without cooking equipment. We've designed it to help kids and parents, but also schools because it complements the Aussie curriculum."

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