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Our kids are hungry. Both for food and to learn.

We're here for both. 

It's all about planting the seed for positive eating habits for today and tomorrow. 

We believe by providing children with the enthusiasm and environment they need to cook meals from scratch, we are setting them on a path to a healthier, fuller life. And best of all, they get to do it with their friends. Together. Learning, creating, cooking and eating! 

That's why we are plating up a new, hands-on food education program for our kids, that early learning centres and primary schools can implement to bring back the fun in food.  

Program Purpose

1. To teach children food knowledge and preparation skills to give them the confidence to make better food choices

2. Gain support and increase awareness amongst early learning and primary school communities - students, teachers and parents - to gain support about the importance of getting children to make healthier, nutritious food choices

3. Bringing the excitement and creativity of cooking to the classroom so children can taste the health benefits of nutritious food choices

Program Aims

Our program is designed to bring the beauty and fun of fresh, local and seasonal produce to life.
Inspiring children by allowing them to absorb essential knowledge in a hands-on way, by tasting, playing and creating easy, delicious and nutritious dishes from scratch. This will

1. Increase childrens' enjoyment of food and cooking

2. Grow their knowledge about food - what it is, where it comes from, and how it affects their bodies and health

3. Equip kids with the confidence to try new things, and through cooking, understand how combining ingredients to make great tasting healthy foods

Program Overview

Jamie Oliver's Learn Your Fruit and Veg is a low cost, hands on, 'face to face' learning opportunity for 3 -12 year old children. 

Through our Jamie Oliver 'pop up' kits, we transform the classroom into a real life cooking environment that requires nothing more than the desks and chairs for children to sit on. 

The sessions are delivered by facilitators and revolve around food knowledge, food preparation, and food nutrition. They come equipped with all the wooden spoons, boards, and bowls required to get cooking.

And after class, with full tummies, teachers will have access to resources for after-session learning opportunities such as lesson plans, linked curriculum activities, homework tasks, and games.

There are plenty of resources available to parents and caregivers too. Because it's at home where it all starts.

Set the table and set in motion a life changing experience to get the fun back in food for our kids.

All food, equipment and props are included in the cost. For more information, go to School or Parent sections.

It's time to give our kids something better to chew on at school. 

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