Passing Cooking on through generations

  • 25 Jan 2017
  • NSW
  • School Holiday Program
Kaiya and Kelly
Kaiya and her mum Kelly with Jamie's Ministry of Food Trainer, Helen, at our Wetherill Park Centre, NSW.

Kelly, a mother of 4 (aged between 6 and 14) loves Jamie Oliver and the ethos of Jamie's Ministry of Food. Whilst participating in the cooking course in November, she noticed the great community Jamie's Ministry of Food created. "It was a main meeting point for everyone" she commented, especially for students from some of the local special needs schools she helps out at. It gave them confidence within a safe environment.

Kelly had such a great time learning new skills in the kitchen, she encouraged her eldest daughter Kaiya to take the School Holiday program over her Christmas break. Kaiya had loads of fun learning new skills and meeting a whole group of kids her age, who also loved cooking.

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