Dad Gets Whole Family Cooking

  • 3 Nov 2016
  • WA

Jason attends our classes at WA Mobile Kitchen with his daughter and her friend. Dad and the girls get the little ones at home together the day after the course to repeat the recipe, passing on the skills they learnt. Now the whole family is involved in the course on some level! The older children are also planning on attending the Belmont course with their grandmother. We will have a JMOF dream team family in no time!

Jason has been through a very impressive health journey, working with the dieticians at ECU, he has lost 13 kg in the last 6 months. He has developed a passion for cooking and healthy eating, ensuring he prepares his children with the life skills they need to lead healthy lifestyles. 

The main appeal of the course was that very fact; exposing his family to basic cooking skills and relatable, easily replicated recipes. For himself, he wanted more skills around making sauces from scratch and understanding flavour combinations. He particularly loved the mushroom sauce. Mushrooms have never been something he has eaten in the past. He says this will most certainly change from here on out. 

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