Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem a gift voucher?

You can use a valid gift voucher as payment for a course through the online bookings website. You can also drop into a centre with your valid gift voucher where you will be provided with a range of class options to book into. Mobile kitchens do not sell or redeem gift vouchers.

How do you accommodate different community groups?

Read our community group case studies here or contact us to discuss.

07 3281 0340 Ipswich, Queensland

02 9756 1001 Wetherill Park, New South Wales

03 5222 8413 Geelong, Victoria

08 8326 0123 Noarlunga Pop-Up, South Australia

For the Queensland and West Australian Mobile Kitchens please call head office on 03 9282 9100.

How do you accommodate people in wheelchairs?

We have an adjustable table with a portable gas hob specifically for participants in a wheelchair.

For the Mobile Kitchens, if required we will run an All Access Course offsite to allow participants with mobility issues and their carers to attend. More details of the All Access Course time and location information can be obtained from the team if you believe this is something that may be required for you or your clients.

How does the course work?

Jamie's Ministry of Food is a practical cooking course in a fun and welcoming environment where participants learn to make delicious, nutritious, simple and affordable meals from scratch through hands on cooking. Participants attend at the same time each week and classes run for 90 minutes. With an emphasis on fresh produce, nutrition and life skills, participants will also learn lots of Jamie Oliver's hints, tips and shortcuts along with his incredible recipes. 

How much does a course cost and how do I pay?

The course costs $20 per class for full fee, $15 per class for students and $10 per class for a valid concession card holder. The total cost of the course is the cost per class multiplied by the number of weeks in the course. You can pay online using a credit card or PayPal. If you want to pay cash for a course, you may do so in the centres. 

We define you as Concession if you hold one of the following:

* Health Care Card
* Health Benefit Card
* Seniors Card
* Centrelink or Veterans Affairs Pensioner Cards
* Companion Card
* Asylum Seeker Concession Card
* Centrelink Digital Wallet
Or if you are:
* Aged 16 or under
* Aged 70 or over
* Classified as a War Widow by Veterans Affairs
* A refugee
We define you as Student if you do not meet the above criteria but hold one of the following:
* Student Transport Concession Card
* International Student Identity Card
* Student ID Card
We define you as Full Fee if you do not meet any of the above criteria.
Is the Ministry of Food Program accessible for people with a disability or special needs?

Participants with a disability or special needs are encouraged to contact us to discuss their requirements prior to booking into a course. Participants who require the support or assistance of a carer must ensure that the carers' details are provided to Jamie's Ministry of Food through our booking form before commencing the course. The same carer must attend all classes for health and safety purposes. It is preferable for a person with special needs to arrive 15 minutes before the first class to ensure they have adequate time to discuss any issues that may arise for them during the course with their Food Trainer.

My client has done cooking classes in the past without the need for a carer, why do they need to have a carer to participate?

Due to this being a kitchen environment The Good Foundation conducts its own needs assessments. All our assessments are tailored to the individual and based on what is considered necessary to ensure the participant can operate safely in the centre and get the most out of the class. Our program is quite fast paced and the Food Trainer is teaching up to 15 people, they do not have the ability to work one on one with participants and support additional needs. The carer may be required to help the individual keep pace with the rest of the class and get the most out of the experience. We require a participant to attend with a carer as assessed, if after the first class we believe the carer is no longer required we will let your organisation know and you can cancel the carer.

Please keep in mind when entering participants into group bookings through the booking form that carers take the place of a participant so are required to part of the 12 (15 in Geelong) places booked.

My clients have financial issues, can you waive the course fee?

No, the course fee is already highly subsidised thanks to the support of our partners. A nominal rate has been selected to ensure commitment. The course fee represents excellent value for money with all ingredients covered, a meal in the class and 2 more portions to take home to friends and family. 

We would like to advertise Jamie’s Ministry of Food to our members by way of an invitation or flyer, is this okay?

The Good Foundation are able to provide flyers to promote the program to your members. Please call Head Office on 03 9282 9100 to make a request for a flyer.

What do I do if I have a food allergy or dietary requirement?

If you have a food allergy, please contact the centre when you book into a course. Our course is designed to introduce a broad range of cooking skills. We do not have the resources to adapt recipes to individual requirements. Given our course fee is already heavily subsidised we are unable to provide special ingredients to accomodate specific needs. 

Please mention any requirements to your Food Trainer when you receive your reminder call the week before class commencement or alternatively in your first class. In most cases you are more than welcome to bring a substitute ingredient. The Food Trainer will discuss the recipe before each class and talk about what you could bring in.

Our produce is not halal certified. If you require halal meat, you can bring it to class on the day for your personal use.


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