Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come and deliver a session at our centre and location?

The program must be delivered in our centres due to financial, logistical and OH&S requirements. We have beautiful centres that have been styled and designed to create a warm and welcoming environment and we invite people to come and make the most of these lovely spaces. 

Can you do a one-off cooking class?

The Jamie's Ministry of Food program, has been designed to promote long term behaviour change. Independent research has indicated the length of our course is required to embed health benefits. We have recently introduced one-off workshop classes which are intended as the next level to our Jamie's Ministry of Food course.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Booking through the website is the preferred option. The organisation can opt to either pay upfront at time of booking or to be invoiced. This is an option on the Group Booking Form. An invoice can be provided for larger groups. All invoices must be paid prior to the course commencing. 

Does a carer have to pay?

If the carer is not participating in the class there is no charge. A 'participating' carer is defined as having their own set of ingredients to cook. If the carer does want to cook themselves and is able to cook themselves while still keeping up with their carer duties, then the course fees are payable (cooking course fees are applied as per the carer's individual concession eligibility).

We do encourage carers to be enrolled and cooking alongside the individual they are supporting. This encourages independence amongst participants and the carer learns new skills and takes food home to share with their family.

The same carer must attend all classes in the course for health and safety purposes. It is preferable for a person with special needs to arrive 15 minutes before the first class to ensure the Jamie's Ministry of Food trainers have adequate time to discuss any issues that may arise for the participant during the course.

How do you accommodate different community groups?

Read our community group case studies here or contact us to discuss.

07 3281 0340 Ipswich, Queensland

02 9756 1001 Wetherill Park, New South Wales

03 5222 8413 Geelong, Victoria

08 8326 0123 Noarlunga Pop-Up, South Australia

For the Queensland and West Australian Mobile Kitchens please call head office on 03 9282 9100.

How do you accommodate people in wheelchairs?

We have an adjustable table with a portable gas hob specifically for participants in a wheelchair.

For the Mobile Kitchens, if required we will run an All Access Course offsite to allow participants with mobility issues and their carers to attend. More details of the All Access Course time and location information can be obtained from the team if you believe this is something that may be required for you or your clients.

My client has done cooking classes in the past without the need for a carer, why do they need to have a carer to participate?

Due to this being a kitchen environment The Good Foundation conducts its own needs assessments. All our assessments are tailored to the individual and based on what is considered necessary to ensure the participant can operate safely in the centre and get the most out of the class. Our program is quite fast paced and the Food Trainer is teaching up to 15 people, they do not have the ability to work one on one with participants and support additional needs. The carer may be required to help the individual keep pace with the rest of the class and get the most out of the experience. We require a participant to attend with a carer as assessed, if after the first class we believe the carer is no longer required we will let your organisation know and you can cancel the carer.

Please keep in mind when entering participants into group bookings through the booking form that carers take the place of a participant so are required to part of the 12 (15 in Geelong) places booked.

We would like to advertise Jamie’s Ministry of Food to our members by way of an invitation or flyer, is this okay?

The Good Foundation are able to provide flyers to promote the program to your members. Please call Head Office on 03 9282 9100 to make a request for a flyer.

Who pays for interpreters, carers or childcare?

The program is offered at a highly subsidised rate to ensure it is as accessible as possible. Jamie's Ministry of Food cannot cover additional costs such as transport, childcare, carers or interpreters. Jamie's Ministry of Food works with councils and local community groups to endeavour to link participants to organisations that may be able to asssit them in meeting these additional needs.

If you would like to arrange for an interpreter to assist with your group please contact the centre to discuss.

Will Jamie be there or be teaching the class?

Unfortunately no, but we are thrilled to be able to continue his work, teach his recipes, hints, and shortcuts to cooking delicious and healthy meals from scratch. He has visited all our centres and has met our teams and all our Food Trainers are trained to deliver the program in the unique Jamie style.

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