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Does your team have what it takes to do Jamie's Ministry of Food Mystery Box Challenge?

Here at Jamie's Ministry of Food, we're cooking up great culture in offices all around Australia!

Learn how to cook the 'Jamie Oliver' way in our high octane, no fuss, super fun cooking workshops. Watch your teams have their taste buds tickled under pressure and literally cook their way to greatness.

We've taught over 40 000 Aussies and 6000 kids how to cook from scratch. Now we want to get offices around the country creating, improvising, cooking and competing for the ultimate Mystery Box dish!

Paint balling and bowling are so 90's..why not do the Jamie's Ministry of Food Mystery Box Challenge instead?

Our army of Jamie's Ministry of Food cooks can:

  • Take your team on a fabulous food journey full of surprises
  • Challenge your food knowledge and teach you how to perform under pressure
  • Show what real collaboration and teamwork tastes like
  • Teach you new techniques and recipes using fresh and local produce


The Jamie's Ministry of Food Mystery Box Challenge is an action packed team cooking workshop that can cater for all tastes and cooking abilities and be adapted to any location. 

You can have a Jamie trained cook deliver your workshop or for a bigger fee, we can even get a famous chef to challenge and inspire your team.

So, why not mix up your normal 9-5 and give your staff something truly unique!


  • Chef and all ingredients/utensils and recipes
  • Hands-on practical cooking skills delivered in Jamie Oliver style
  • Nutrition tips and tricks to boost health
  • Jamie Oliver cookbook and Jamie's Ministry of Food apron
  • Jamie's Ministry of Food Mystery Box Challenge certificate 
  • Jamie Oliver signed wooden spoon (subject to donation and availability)

Book your Challenge today! We can't wait to cook with you. 

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