Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia

In 2010, The Good Guys and The Good Foundation partnered with Jamie Oliver to establish Jamie's Ministry of Food program in Australia. Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia is an award-winning cooking program that has won VicHealth's Award for Best Healthy Eating Program. It has been independently evaluated twice by Deakin University and The University of Melbourne, proving that Jamie's Ministry of Food participants eat more vegetables, cook more from scratch and eat less takeaways after completing the course.

Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia is a grassroots response to the lack of basic food skills among adults. By teaching people to cook for themselves and equipping them with some simple skills and food knowledge, communities are empowered to live healthier, happier lives. From shopping tips, including reading nutrition labels and budgeting, to storing food and working safely in the kitchen to time-saving techniques and knife skills, Jamie's Ministry of Food teaches people everything they need to know to make healthy, delicious meals.

Our Story

Jamie's Mission

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"Cooking is an essential life skill; it not only improves lives, it can also save them. But until cooking is made accessible to every man, woman and child, the global health epidemic that we're currently facing - and the costs that go with it - will not level off or decline. My long-term goal for Ministry of Food is to prove to all governments that food education deserves a prominent place in their health and education policies. I want to show everyone how quickly simple, practical, fun cooking lessons can transform lives. Cooking empowers people and, most importantly, provides us with something priceless: choice. At the heart of Ministry of Food is the determination to give everyone the opportunity and skills to cook nutritious, delicious, good food for a healthier, happier life."

- Jamie Oliver

The Origins of Ministry of Food

The UK's first Ministry of Food was set up by the British Government during the Second World War to establish a national network of food advisors and cookery teachers to educate the public about food and nutrition so they would be able to feed themselves properly with the rations available. It proved to be an example of how a government could quickly and successfully educate people in times of crisis. In Australia, the Commonwealth Rationing Commission was set up after limited rationing was introduced in 1942. Wartime recipes were circulated in magazines, pamphlets and on government-sponsored radio programs, alongside advice on how to make use of the available food.

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